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Are you looking for a US CPA firm that specializes in international tax? Welcome to The Wolf Group. As Certified Public Accountants, we work exclusively on international tax matters. That’s why individuals with cross-border tax issues and international business owners have trusted us with their tax planning and tax preparation since 1983.

Is it time to correct your foreign asset reporting?
Minimize your global tax liability?
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We can help.

Why We Specialize in International Tax

In 1983, we started as a typical CPA firm, doing tax, audit, and accounting. However, early on, there was a demand for tax support for international organization employees in the Washington, DC area. These organizations, such as the World Bank and IMF, have a special status under the IRS tax code because they don’t really fall under any one country’s jurisdiction. Supporting this population was our first foray into international tax. And very quickly, we shifted our focus to specializing in international and expat tax. For four decades now, we have been doing exactly that.

Today, our clients are international, high-net-worth individuals and privately held businesses with cross-border tax issues. Our clients include G-4 visa holders, US expats, US residents with global assets, foreign nationals, small and mid-sized businesses, and mobile employees.

Every day, we thoughtfully prepare foreign asset informational reports and correct past tax returns. And we routinely advise on foreign tax credits, tax treaties, tax reform, and IRS amnesty program options.

Since cross-border tax matters have become so complex in recent years, many tax preparers in the US and abroad now outsource their foreign asset reporting and other cross-border matters to us.

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How can we help you?


I’m a business owner who needs advice about GILTI tax or the Repatriation Tax.

I want to set up a business in the US and need inbound tax advice.

I’m a US business owner who wants to expand my business to other countries and needs outbound tax and cross-border tax advice.


I need help filing US tax returns as an expat, resident, or nonresident.

I need to correct a past tax return or have unreported foreign assets.

I’m selling my home and need help reducing the FIRPTA tax withholding.


I’m a US CPA or tax preparer and need to subcontract foreign asset forms or other international tax matters to a reputable tax partner.

I’m an attorney and need US tax help for one of my international clients.

I’m a wealth manager who needs an international tax specialist to help one of my clients.

Meet Our Tax Professionals

Helping Individuals with International Taxation

Let’s face it—the IRS is a complicated institution. Its job is to collect revenue and a portion of that revenue comes from penalties and fines. US expats and individuals with foreign assets are an easy target. The IRS knows that foreign asset and income reporting is complex, and most taxpayers get it wrong. With our international tax services, we can help you avoid harsh penalties, optimize your tax position, and deal with IRS headaches.

We can help you with:

US tax return preparation

US tax return preparation, including expat tax returns

Amended tax returns

IRS audit help

Foreign asset reporting

Foreign asset reporting on the FBAR and other international forms

Amended tax returns and IRS amnesty programs

Planning for an international assignment

IRPTA tax help

FIRPTA tax help if you are selling US real estate

Pre-retirement tax consulting

Pre-retirement tax consulting

Pre-immigration consulting

Pre-immigration consulting to lower your tax burden

Exit Tax planning

Exit Tax planning

Helping Private Businesses with International Taxation

Maybe you have a “go-to” CPA who handles your routine tax matters. But sometimes international tax issues creep up that are beyond the expertise of the average tax preparer. We get it—and that’s why business owners call us to help them navigate their international tax matters.

We help privately held businesses plan for international expansion and manage their risk. We assist with the mandatory US tax reporting. Plus, we coordinate with foreign tax advisors to minimize your global tax burden. Our clients include US corporations and partnerships, as well as foreign entities engaged in business in the US.

We can help you with:

Foreign asset reporting

GILTI Tax planning

Inbound tax planning

Outbound tax planning

Business tax return preparation

Repatriation Tax help

Cross-border tax consulting, including transfer pricing

Global mobility tax support, for employers sending employees on international assignment

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Demystifying Crypto Tax Matters

Are you an individual or business involved with cryptocurrency? We’ve closely monitored all the IRS guidance on tax treatment of cryptocurrency (which goes back to 2014). And we’re often called upon to share our cryptocurrency tax expertise as featured speakers at conferences for attorneys and other tax professionals.

We can help you with:

US tax return preparation

Crypto tax return preparation

Amended tax returns

Crypto tax audit help

Crypto tax advice and strategies for miners, investors, and traders

Crypto tax support for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

What our clients say

“I really appreciate the exceptional professionalism of your service, and the friendly and patient support and guidance provided during a complicated (and frankly emotionally taxing) process.”

“I appreciate that your staff always promptly responds to my questions/emails even when it’s not tax season!”

“Very well done. The Wolf Group was especially receptive to dealing with my confusion and difficulty understanding the process and tax issues. Very helpful with my questions. Thank you very much.”

Your “Go-To” Referral Partner for International Taxation

Do you have a client with a complex tax situation that involves an international component?
New clients are often referred to us from:

Other US CPA firms

Foreign tax service providers

Tax and estate attorneys

Immigration attorneys

Wealth management advisors

We consider referrals to be the highest compliment. We also understand that referring a client can feel risky. So, check out our highly experienced team of tax professionals and our blog to learn more about us. We are also a member of Nexia International.

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