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Would you like to send us your files quickly and securely without having to log in to an account or remember a password? Our new tool “Share Safe” encrypts your documents and sends them to us securely.

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Need help? Please see below for instructions on using Share Safe to send us a file.

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Instructions for uploading files

  1. Click HERE to visit Share Safe (You may favorite the page on your browser).
  2. Enter your email address and name. Optionally, you can enter your company name and contact number.
  3. Click the button Send a File.
  4. In the “Send file to” field, select ONLY “Yolanda Medina”, our Office Manager, if it is not already selected.
  5. Enter a subject for the message.
  6. Enter your message.
  7. To add files to the message, either drag and drop files on the Files box, or click Add File to select files.
  8. You can send up to 20 files per message, up to a limit of 1 GB total size.
  9. Click Send.
  10. Click Logout on the top right once you are done.

Why The Wolf Group?

Since 1983, we’ve worked with clients in the United States and abroad on international tax matters. We have a long history of “cleaning up” complex tax returns, reporting foreign assets, and reconstructing financial records.

Check out our extensive team of CPAs, all with vast international tax experience.

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We’re an active member of Nexia International, a global network of independent accountancy, tax and business advisors with over 250 firms around the globe.

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    Tax Specialist

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    Senior Tax Specialist

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What our clients say

“The whole process was very efficiently handled with the minimum of fuss. Correspondence answered quickly and precisely. Overall, an excellent experience—we have recommended the Wolf Group to others.”

“Living overseas, your personal attention during tax time takes ALL the worry out of that one important task each year. I thank you kindly for giving me peace of mind while I live abroad.”

“Very courteous, timely, helpful service! A pleasure to do business with and we feel confident that the tax prep is done within our best interests and within the law.”