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Cross-Border Tax Accountant for Immigration Attorneys

As an immigration attorney, you are often the critical link for clients to get tax help from a CPA. However, referring a CPA can feel like a roll of the dice. Very few CPAs are familiar with cross-border tax matters since it’s a specialty area. Since 198, we have devoted ourselves to cross-border tax matters.

We routinely work with US immigration attorneys on:

  • Determining the right tax treatment for all types of visa holders
  • Reducing double taxation
  • Providing pre-immigration tax planning to reduce tax burdens
  • Providing post-immigration tax reporting and compliance, including nuanced decisions to make elections that lead to the best results possible in the first year of residency
  • Assisting clients who wish to give up their US citizenship or green cards

Once your clients are in the US, we can also help them with:

In many cases, we work with foreign accountants to obtain the best global tax outcomes for our clients. And we are part of the Nexia International network, which has tax firms around the world.

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Frequently Asked Tax Questions from US Immigration Attorneys

I have a client who is part of (or wants to become part of) the EB-5 program. Do you help people with this program?2019-11-01T13:25:28-04:00

Yes, we assist with pre-immigration tax planning, as well as proper US tax reporting of all income and foreign assets.

My client is planning on expatriating. Do you assist with Exit Tax returns?2019-11-01T13:25:08-04:00

Yes, while you work with US citizens and green card holders give up their citizenship or residency for immigration purposes, we handle the tax side. We help clients ensure their past 5 years of tax returns are correct and compliant. We provide tax consulting to help them minimize any Exit Tax owed. We also prepare their final resident (or dual-status) tax returns, with Form 8854, as well as any returns required post-expatriation.

I have a client who may be out of compliance with the IRS. Can you help my client get back into compliance?2019-11-01T13:24:47-04:00

Yes. We help clients who have immigrated to the US and need to get their tax situation straightened out. Whether your client failed to report a foreign asset, has toxic tax assets, or faces some other tax complication, we can certainly help.

Can you prepare my client’s first-year tax return?2019-11-01T13:24:23-04:00

Yes. The first-year tax return is often the most complex, so it’s critical to have it prepared by a CPA who specializes in international taxation. Sadly, we amend hundreds of tax returns each year because they were done incorrectly by someone who did not understand foreign asset reporting, foreign income, and other nuanced elements of cross-border tax issues.

My client is thinking about applying for a visa to enter the United States. Do you offer cross-border tax planning?2020-03-10T12:06:55-04:00

Yes, we do this every day. It’s important to do cross-border tax planning before your client arrives. Why? Because certain actions to reduce US tax can only be taken before arrival or in the first year of living in the US. Giving your clients a heads-up on these things will enable them to avoid major tax pitfalls—and will keep them from holding you accountable for not warning them!

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Our Tax Services for Immigration Attorneys

We specialize in international tax matters. It’s what we do every day. It’s who we are. Often immigration attorneys refer us to clients to help them with:

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How We Can Work Together

Finding a CPA that you can trust to do a good job consistently should be easy. But sadly, it’s not. Your options include:

  • Refer to a Big 4 accounting firm and potentially make a tradeoff in the level of client service
  • Refer to a CPA you’ve worked with before and potentially get burned because they only “dabble” in international tax matters OR
  • Refer your clients to us and get both service and deep experience in cross-border taxation

Unlike most US CPA firms, we are a boutique firm that has been specializing in international tax strategies for decades, so we have extensive, deep, and tested expertise.

Why The Wolf Group?

Since 1983, we’ve worked with clients in the United States and abroad on international tax matters. We have a long history of “cleaning up” complex tax returns, reporting foreign assets, and reconstructing financial records.

Check out our extensive team of CPAs, all with vast international tax experience.

Looking for a Nexia International Partner?

We’re an active member of Nexia International, a global network of independent accountancy, tax and business advisors with over 250 firms around the globe.

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“I am so glad to have found out about The Wolf Group through seminars at BFSCU—my situation as a G4 married to a US citizen is complicated but I know that I do not have to worry, as I am in good hands with extremely knowledgeable assistance. Thank you! I will be back again next year!”

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