Len Wolf and Jen Marenberg, St. Michaels, MD, June 2024

By Jen Marenberg, Managing Principal of The Wolf Group

When I arrived at The Wolf Group in 2012, I was mentally bruised and battered. I just didn’t realize it.

After all, the first 12 years of my career had been exciting. I’d had great mentors. I’d been fast tracked to management at age 23. I’d worked in the US, Iraq, and the Philippines. I’d worked for one of the largest, most prestigious accounting firms in the world.

Sure, I knew I was tired. Working nonstop will do that, no matter how stimulating the work.

But I hadn’t realized how distrustful I’d become. How heartsick I was. How my faith in human decency was at an all-time low.

My early years as a young person in management had given me a peek behind the corporate curtain, and I’d seen some true ugliness. Not only was my body tired, but my soul was weary, too.


Not long after joining The Wolf Group (TWG) in 2012, I got a peek behind the TWG curtain—and then later full visibility. The difference was night and day (to what I’d seen before). What I found there made me proud. It restored my spirit and secured my lasting loyalty.

This week, Len Wolf, founding principal of The Wolf Group, retires after 41 years with the firm.

The firm has come a long way, from Len operating out of his living room, to a 50-person firm with 4 owners, solid leadership, excellent clients, talented professionals, and a bright future.

And Len’s leadership, and his support for me, Mishkin, and others as leaders, have set a shining example of how management can lead with integrity, trust, respect, fun, and joy.


Over the last decade, as Len cut back to part-time, transitioned various aspects of management to rising leaders, brought in more partners, and stepped back from management entirely, we’ve had a chance to accustom ourselves to the idea of him no longer working in the firm.

However, his presence is felt in all that we do. Behind the curtain at TWG, Len’s values permeate every aspect of the organization. They are our values. Values we cherish and can stand behind. Quality, integrity, respect, service, balance. They form the foundation of this organization that bears his name and that Mishkin, Fan, and I are honored to shepherd into the future.

Len, this is your legacy. Thank you from all of us.