The Firm moves into new offices in Fairfax, VA, setting the stage for future growth.

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Jen Marenberg becomes a shareholder of The Wolf Group, P.C. Mishkin Santa is appointed Secretary of the Society of Tax and Estate Planners (STEP) Mid-Atlantic region. The Firm is engaged as “of counsel” equivalent to provide international/expatriate tax support to dozens of CPA and [...]

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Mishkin Santa becomes a shareholder of The Wolf Group, P.C. Mishkin Santa visits, and gives more than a dozen presentations speaks at, NEXIA International firms across Australia.

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The Firm launches its blog, Cross-Border Tax Matters, to share insights on the international tax implications of popular (e.g., sports, celebrity) news stories and on new developments in the tax world. Len Wolf authors a chapter in “The Diplomatic Handbook” published by the American [...]

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Mishkin Santa joins the firm as International Tax Director. The Wolf Group is invited to present at the United Nations headquarters on International Organization tax matters and establishes an office presence in New York City.

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The Firm is invited to present to the Florida Institute of CPAs/Florida Bar Association combined International Tax Conference in Miami, Florida, attended by 2,000 delegates from around the world.

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Jen Marenberg joins the firm as a senior expatriate tax consultant. Her role in the Firm grows over the years, and she becomes an income partner 4 years later.

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The Wolf Group wins the Nexia “Firm of the Year Award,” chosen from more than 200 CPA firms around the world. The Firm also publishes a “Guide to the U.S. Taxation” for several International Organizations’ credit unions and publishes white papers on topics including [...]

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Len Wolf appears on the radio show, Blueprint for Wealth, and The Wolf Group chairs NEXIA International’s Global Mobility Tax Services specialty group, leading the Nexia Global Mobility Tax Forum in Paris.

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The Wolf Group publishes its first internally written and published quarterly newsletter, Global Insights.

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