Green Card Through U.S. Investment? The EB-5 Solution

Welcome Note on an American Flag Background Created by the U.S. Congress, the EB-5 program provides a means for foreign investors to apply for permanent residence in the U.S. by making certain investments in the U.S. Some of the requirements for EB-5 [...]

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The Three-letter Word that Can Make or Break an EB-5 Investment

Indications from the Trump Administration point to an exciting time for investment in the United States – and EB-5 investors have much to look forward to. While investors are occupied with evaluating potential investment opportunities, the tax implications of such opportunities may not be [...]

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IRS Uses Summons to Identify Unreported Foreign Accounts

January 30, 2017 Synopsis Last week, a U.S. District Court authorized the IRS to summons a taxpayer with access to information about clients' undisclosed foreign financial assets. Given the IRS’ increasing efforts to discover hidden foreign accounts, The Wolf Group encourages U.S. taxpayers with foreign accounts to take [...]

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Getting your Financial House in Order

As 2016 comes to an end, we are reminded of the items that we must get in order and improve upon.  The two items we usually prioritize at the top of the list are health and wealth.  With that in mind, The Wolf Group [...]

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Retirement Wealth Planning: Have you Optimized your Seesaw?

How does one balance current quality of life needs with the need to save for retirement? And what is the optimal mix for the earliest – and most rewarding – retirement possible? Bob Len, Wolf Group Capital Advisors (WGCA) Managing Director says “When it [...]

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The Wolf Group Announces: Mishkin Santa J.D. LL.M Joins the Firm

The Wolf Group is pleased to announce that Mishkin Santa has joined the firm as an International Tax Director. When asked what his deciding factor was in joining The Wolf Group, Mishkin Santa said “The Wolf Group has the most competent professionals in serving [...]

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Plan Now For a Richer Retirement: 4 Steps for G-4 Pre-Retirees

For those thinking about retiring in the coming months or years and obtaining a green card, the following information can financially make or break retirement income. In addition to general retirement planning difficulties like estimating one’s lifespan or future costs in retirement (read more), [...]

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