Your 2018 Tax Return? A Mighty Thick Postcard

Last year, proponents of U.S. tax reform expressed their goal to enable taxpayers to file returns “on a postcard.”  Of course, this was not to be taken literally.  Filing a postcard tax return would be fraught with many issues, chief among them the security [...]

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New Strategies for Cross-Border Estate Planning in Light of Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made significant changes to U.S. tax law, including various aspects related to international issues. An important example is cross-border estate planning for non-U.S. families who have one or more U.S. beneficiaries and U.S. investment accounts. These families [...]

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Court of Federal Claims Says FBAR Penalties Can Exceed $100,000

In a recent case, the Court of Federal Claims disagreed with two district courts that decided earlier in 2018 that the civil penalties for willfully failing to file a “Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts” (FBAR) must be capped at $100,000. The Claims [...]

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Moving for a Job Just Got a Lot More Expensive

Taxpayers have been subject to the new U.S. tax rules under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) for almost half a year now. TCJA has changed the way qualified job-related moving expenses are treated for tax purposes. This new legislation went into effect [...]

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SPOTLIGHT: International Tax Attorney David H. Gershel

How Tax Reform Has Changed the Structure and Planning for Nonresident Aliens with U.S. Real Property Interests Wolf Group International Tax Director Mishkin Santa recently interviewed International Tax Attorney David Gershel to solicit his perspectives on how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 [...]

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