• G4 Visa Holders and US Tax Residency Issues

G4 Visa Holders and US Tax Residency Issues

Many G4 visa holders are confused over their US tax residency status. They have heard that merely holding a G4 visa entitles the holder to be a non-resident. But this is not true. The US income tax code and regulations don’t even mention “G4 [...]

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  • How will the IRS Ever Know? A photo of a question mark on a chalkboard

How Will the IRS Ever Know?

For years, new clients (and some of our current ones) have been asking why they should bother fixing their prior US tax filings to report previously unreported foreign income or foreign assets. The most common question is “How will the IRS ever know?” Years [...]

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  • Qualified Opportunity Zones and Cryptocurrency-image of money and cryptocurrency

The Intersection of Qualified Opportunity Zones and Cryptocurrency

The Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) rules became law under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017. These rules are designed to encourage investment and economic growth in specific low-income areas. But there are important things to understand about Qualified Opportunity Zones and [...]

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  • IRS Hot Topics-photo of US flag and paper money

Attorney Austin Carlson Weighs in on IRS Hot Topics

Business lawyer and CPA, Austin Carlson, deals with tax planning and controversy daily. We asked Austin to weigh in on IRS hot topics and to share some insights on timely tax issues that many of our international clients' face. Q: Based on the recent [...]

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  • US and France-Refunds on French Taxes

US Taxpayers Can Claim Refunds for French Taxes

If you pay taxes in both the US and France, you may be due significant refunds for French taxes paid! For years, a battle has been working its way through the US courts concerning two French taxes, the French Contribution Sociale Généralisée (CSG) and [...]

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  • Calculator for Taxes-Tax Payer First Act

Bipartisan IRS Reform Bill Approved—The Taxpayer First Act

Great news for US taxpayers—Congress passed, and the President signed an expansion and strengthening of taxpayer rights (on July 1, 2019). The Taxpayer First Act (TFA), also known as H.R. 3151, represents three years of bi-partisan work. It contains numerous provisions and updates that [...]

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