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Attorney Austin Carlson Weighs in on IRS Hot Topics

Business lawyer and CPA, Austin Carlson, deals with tax planning and controversy daily. We asked Austin to weigh in on IRS hot topics and to share some insights on timely tax issues that many of our international clients' face. Q: Based on the recent [...]

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  • US and France-Refunds on French Taxes

US Taxpayers Can Claim Refunds for French Taxes

If you pay taxes in both the US and France, you may be due significant refunds for French taxes paid! For years, a battle has been working its way through the US courts concerning two French taxes, the French Contribution Sociale Généralisée (CSG) and [...]

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  • The Rehabilitation Tax Credit can help you purchase aHistoric Home

Interested in the Rehabilitation Tax Credit? Details to Know

For those considering properties in areas of historical significance, and income tax benefits, the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (HTC) may be of interest to you. where the proper conditions are met, business taxpayers can claim a non-refundable 20% tax credit for “rehabilitation” expenditure over a five-year period. To qualify for the credit, however, both the building and the expenditure must meet several requirements (for both the structure and the expenditure).

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SPOTLIGHT: International Tax Attorney David H. Gershel

How Tax Reform Has Changed the Structure and Planning for Nonresident Aliens with U.S. Real Property Interests Wolf Group International Tax Director Mishkin Santa recently interviewed International Tax Attorney David Gershel to solicit his perspectives on how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 [...]

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