The IRS Announces Crackdown on International Organization Employees

On September 11, the IRS announced a new campaign to closely examine whether individuals working at international organizations (I/O) are fully and properly calculating their taxes. The announcement was a surprise and was made at the same time as the announcements for several [...]

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Four Tax Planning Tips for Future Green Card Holders

conceptual post sign caution taxes ahead sign over dramatic sky Before getting a green card, one should consider these four major issues to minimize tax exposure and reporting hassles. Getting a green card is an exciting life-changing event, it allows one to [...]

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Plan Now For a Richer Retirement: 4 Steps for G-4 Pre-Retirees

For those thinking about retiring in the coming months or years and obtaining a green card, the following information can financially make or break retirement income. In addition to general retirement planning difficulties like estimating one’s lifespan or future costs in retirement (read more), [...]

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Nonresidents Selling US Real Estate Beware

A person who is not a citizen of the United States and does not meet either the green card test or the substantial presence test of income tax residency is considered a nonresident for U.S. federal income tax purposes. While U.S. citizens and tax [...]

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G-4 Visa Holder: Should I File a Form W-8BEN or W-9?

Many financial institutions aren't aware that even though G-4 visa holders have US addresses, they are still considered as nonresidents and should file the W-8BEN. Find out more about the proper filing method and who should file the W-8BEN. To understand your US tax [...]

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