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Attorney Austin Carlson Weighs in on IRS Hot Topics

Business lawyer and CPA, Austin Carlson, deals with tax planning and controversy daily. We asked Austin to weigh in on IRS hot topics and to share some insights on timely tax issues that many of our international clients' face. Q: Based on the recent [...]

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IRS Offers First Amnesty Program for the Repatriation Tax

When tax reform was passed last December, the new legislation included a requirement for certain individuals with an interest in a foreign corporation to calculate and report a Repatriation Tax on their 2017 tax returns.  This tax (or the initial installment payment) was due [...]

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IRS Releases New Guidance on the Repatriation Tax

The IRS released Frequently Asked Questions for the Repatriation Tax on March 13, 2018.  Under FAQ 11, the IRS politely asked all individuals who have a repatriation tax issue not to electronically file Form 1040 until April 2, 2018.  Well, here we are, and [...]

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